Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSPR?
Self-Service Password Reset is a system used to reset your password in the event you do not know your current password. Before you can reset your password using SSPR you must have an alternate (non-UNO) email address or a US based mobile phone capable of receiving text messages enrolled. If you previously provided an external email address to UNO, it has been automatically enrolled.

How do I view my currently enrolled SSPR email address or mobile phone number?
If you know your current password, you can view and change your SSPR options here. If you do not know your current password and need to change or update your SSPR options you must call the Help Desk at 280-HELP (4357).

Why do I need an alternate email address or SMS capable phone to use SSPR?
When attempting to reset your password, the SSPR system sends a temporary six digit security code to your enrolled email address or mobile phone.  This security code must be provided to complete the password reset.

What are the complexity requirements for my new password?
UNO Minimum Requirements:
15 alphanumeric characters
at least one digit
at least one capital letter
at least one lower case letter
no part of your name or username can  be used